Aries R&D Programme
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The Aries R&D Programme is addressing the following four areas of Software:

In addition, active support is provided for academic competence improvement, and mobility between research centers.


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The ultimate aim of the research programme "Applied Research in Industrial and Embedded Software" (ARIES) is to create a strong, distributed national research environment, supporting advanced software technology research on issues of critical industrial importance. The partners of the research programme constitute the organisational core of this research environment, taking advantage of earlier national initiatives that have created and refined R&D excellence in targeted organisations.

A complementary aim is to contribute to improved technology know-how in industry, thereby strengthening the competitive edge of Swedish industry.

Within the framework of this programme, the partners will, through cooperative project work, consolidate and strengthen their collaborative relations, between themselves, as well as with national industry, focussing on software as a critical technology. This will contribute to long-term productive collaboration between research and industry.

Two types of work will be performed within the programme. The first type focuses on advanced software research on industrially important challenges. The second type focuses on actions that support consolidation of research excellence in academia, and that support deepening and strengthening the collaborative networks between national research partners, and builds relationships to industry.

Both of these types of work contribute in complementary ways to the overall objective of the ARIES programme.

The first type of work concerns a set of specific research fields, where targeted R&D work will be performed. The research fields selected are:

  • Multicore
  • Dependability
  • Security
  • Software Engineering

Within these fields, specific R&D projects will be defined and performed as collaborations between research partners and industry partners.

The second type of work concerns two areas of activities that directly aim at strengthening the networked research infrastructure:

  • "Promotion Program" – individuals achieving “docent competence”
  • "Mobility Program" – stimulating researcher mobility between research actors

The first aims at strengthening formal excellence in academia. The second aims at enhanced exchange of personnel between research groups in academia and in industry.

The overall objective is to create a community of closely interconnected research groups, with excellent expertise in complementary and overlapping areas, within the general area of software technology and methodology. This community will be at the forefront of international research in the targeted areas.

The ARIES proposal is designed as a five year collaborative effort, driven by six Swedish research organisations, working in collaboration with industry, on scientifically challenging and industrially relevant objectives.

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